When we begin the process of designing a room, the first thing we think about is the three most important pieces of furniture needed. Starting with the bed, typically the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, and then the desk and storage. These pieces can take up crucial floor space in small bedrooms. To create a well-balanced space we like to take advantage of the height in a room, this is why we design up! It’s easy to neglect wall space in your kid’s room, but wall space may make a small room feel less cramped. Here are our six favorite Casa Kids designed rooms that put to good use the height of the room. Each of these small rooms has ceilings over 9" ft tall, offering many possibilities.

Isabelle’s Room

Isabelle has a particularly narrow room. When designing her room we had no option but to combine her necessary furniture into one. The result is a tall loft bed with storage and a desk underneath. This design allowed Isabelle to still maintain a good amount of floor space in her narrow room.

Henry's Wall to Wall Loft Bed

Henry's room also was narrow, so narrow we were able to build a bridge-like loft bed across the room. The loft is a standard twin size elevated higher than our standard loft beds. The loft sits high enough that walking underneath is no hassle, even as Henry grows taller. The bridge-like design allows him to keep nearly all of his floor space open. With the center of the room clear, natural light easily fills in.

Triple Bunk Bed

This triple bunk bed has taken over the height of this 10-foot tall room. Three children can sleep in a solution like this. Built-in closets and drawers surround the intricately designed staircase. We even added a fun plexiglass porthole at the top of the stairs to look out on the room. 

Willa’s Floating Desk with Upper Storage

Willa's desk is an impressive 92" in length and an even more impressive 76" in height. At over 6 feet tall this desk's upper hutch is crucial to storing all of Willa's books, art, and toys. The top shelf is great for displaying soft items that aren't used daily. If one of these soft stuffed animals were to fall from this height, they would not hurt her.

Floating Shelves in a Nursery

This nursery features one of our favorite floating units. A floating unit is perfect for balancing a tall room and in this room uses the dead space above the radiator that is often neglected. The floating shelves allow parents to keep items away from their baby's hands adding to the safety of the nursery.

Violet's Floor to Ceiling Closet

Violet's room needed to accommodate all of her toys and clothing, and eventually her baby sister's. Luckily with a room this tall we could design large storage units with shelving, cubbies, a desk, and drawers. A large built-in closet extends from floor to ceiling. The very top of this closet is perfect for storing items that aren't used regularly like extra bedding or winter coats.

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