Hallway with wooden cabinets, colorful rug, leading to a bright room.

Henry's Room: Bridging walls with a loft bed.

In order to give Henry distinct areas for sleep, work and play, we took advantage of its high ceilings by bridging our loft bed across the space and against the walls. Bridging the loft bed makes the room seem more spacious by providing an unblocked path from the doorway through the space.

Against one end of the wall, we've built a cabinet with adjustable shelving to display Henry's growing toy car collection and to accommodate for plastic bins and school supplies. On the opposite wall, we built an additional upper shelf and a desk wide enough to comfortably seat two kids during school work.

The loft bed has been moved far enough away from the window so that the natural light filtering through remains unblocked. This also gives Henry a defined space near the window for play and socializing with friends.

Because of the unique curvature of the steps up Henry's loft bed with desk underneath and storage drawers were built into the sides of the stairs instead of into the steps themselves.

Natural with whitewash accents were chosen for the loft bed since this neutral color palette becomes a backdrop to the pops of red, blue and green that have been introduced into the space. Circle cut-outs not only add to the playful aesthetic of the design but they are also used as peepholes and hand grips for added safety.

Child’s room with loft bed, desk, chairs, toys, and bookshelves.
Playroom with table, chairs, and shelves of toys and books.
Wooden bunk bed with desk, drawers, and shelves integrated.
Colorful children’s room with bunk beds, desk, and round windows.