Interior Designers and Us: How We Collaborate 



Creating showstopping custom rooms is where our team thrives. Often those projects come to be when collaborating with interior designers and architects. For that reason, we established our trade program. Our program can accommodate both you and your client's needs. When you sign up for our trade program you'll receive our welcome kit including our latest portfolio book and finish samples. This kit is the easiest way to begin introducing us to your clients.


Our Services:

With nearly 30 years of experience in our specific niche and countless custom rooms, we can assure trade members ease of mind when working with us. We can advise on which type of furniture works better with what ages. Cribs, junior beds, bunk beds, and loft beds have specific ages at which are appropriate.

We can also provide recommendations on room layouts based on the architecture of the room, the location of the door and the windows, and the age and gender of the children. We also will highlight which solutions are better in the short term and long term. Our philosophy has always been thinking long term and anticipating future needs. The longevity of our furniture is of the utmost importance. Often our pieces convert if needed or can be added to as children grow older, making for one solution that will last your client years. Whenever possible we will create furniture that transforms and grows or adapts to the child’s ever-changing needs. 

No matter who your client is, we have certainly encountered a similar problem in the past and will be able to advise on best practices. Whether the room is shared or needs to accommodate a baby and older child, we have a plan for that.




Safe Homes: we provide safety recommendations that go beyond what the Consumer Product Safety Commission requires. Guardrail heights, opening sizes, labeling, etc. are some of the safety requirements that we always implement. When you are designing a child’s room, you are bringing together many components into the space: flooring, wall color, wallpaper, curtains/blinds, bedding, upholstery, lighting and of course the furniture. We make sure that our work perfectly integrates with your vision for that space. We also provide shop drawings upon request and a review process ensures that nothing is left unaccounted for. Our designs are modern, clean, and let your designer eye shine through.



Designing with You:

There are many ways to work with us and we aim to support your relationship with your client. We offer showroom visits for the more hands-on clients. At our showroom, they can see our facilities and sample furniture. Our team can even make a home visit for you where we measure the space, discuss your client's needs and create 3D plans. This hassle-free process will allow you to easily visualize the room you are working on without any extra stress. We take care of the CAD drawings and sketches.


The Perks:

We offer exclusive finish and accent options for members of the trade. We can offer your clients colored lacquers, ebonized woods, rare laminates, and acrylics. We also offer personal engraving, leather accents, carpet tiles, upholstery, markerboard, and even built-ins to make a piece that is uniquely theirs. Members of the trade receive exclusive pricing on standard and custom orders.

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