Proudly Made in Brooklyn

At Casa Kids, being good to the kids we serve also means being kind to the planet they call home. We only use wood that has been harvested through sustainable practices and all of our products are made locally, eliminating the environmental impact implicit in shipping. Our furniture is also modular and highly adaptive, so it remains with the families we service for years. This dramatically reduces waste and promotes sustainability in terms of our planet’s natural resources.

 All of our furniture is built in Brooklyn by our own small team of woodworkers, and the hands that make the first cut into a piece of birch plywood (our most commonly used material) are the same hands that install a piece of furniture in a customer’s home. We employ traditional hand woodworking techniques, in addition to our new CNC router that has allowed us to increase precision and consistency in our cuts, as well as lead times for our customers. We do the finishing for all of our pieces ourselves in our on-site finishing facilities.

Home installation for all of our projects is done with our own insured, likable and speedy crew. We are usually in and out of customers’ homes in one to two days (depending on the project) because we assemble all of our projects ahead of time in our shop. This ensures a quick, clean installation so that our customers can get back to living their lives. In their new furniture, of course.

Casa Kids’ showroom is located at 106 Ferris Street in Red Hook, directly adjacent to our wood shop, where parents and kids are invited to visit us in our natural habitat. With a view of the shop, where our builders are hard at work, kids are invited to touch, climb and play, while parents have an opportunity to speak with our staff. The showroom, shop and design studio are located in a brick warehouse that sits directly on the Brooklyn waterfront and offers a view of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan. A visit to the shop is also a great excuse to explore Red Hook, where IKEA, Fairway and a series of cozy storefronts and cafes have made their homes.