Colorful child's room with a bunk bed, vibrant rug, and ample wooden storage cabinets.

Violet's Room: Two beds and loads of storage.

Violet's room offers a natural wood solution for two. The littlest occupant has a crib on wheels for easy re-configuration. The built in book case in the crib "nook" offers organized storage for all of baby's needs. The staircase with vertical cutouts leads to a bunk with coordinating horizontal cutouts. A matching bookshelf frames the two bed sleeping quarters, increasing the storage space capacity, and provides enough room for both children's books and knickknacks.

The wall unit provides all the functionality a growing toddler, child and young adult would ever need. A desk with ample light offers a creative space while open air shelves and a closed four door closet provides several practical display and storage solutions.

This particular room had an awkward corner which we utilized with a floor to ceiling closet with drawer, hanging and "out of the way" storage.

As with most of our designs, we utilized the stairs for more than just access. Violet's room is no exception and we've built drawers within the stair steps featuring easy to pull circular cutouts.

With room to sleep, play, create and store, this room offers everything for growing Violet and her sibling on the way for many years to come.

Cozy room with bunk bed, bookshelf filled with books, colorful rug, and a blue bean bag.
Bright child's room with colorful rug, bunk bed, and storage, featuring a child climbing.
Well-organized child's room with a large bookshelf, storage cabinets, and a colorful rug.
Child studying at a desk in a room with wooden storage and a colorful floor rug.