The Custom Room

Six-year-old Eleanor was ready for her first big kids' room after outgrowing her toddler bed. To create the most functional space for Eleanor we needed to visit her home and get to know the space. After several stages of consultations, Eleanor's custom room featured a Dumbo Loft Bed with Stairs, Modulor Storage, and a custom storage unit. These pieces were tied together nicely with a custom blue accent color and leather pulls.


  • Compact loft bed with desk, shelves, blue wall, wooden floor.
  • Blue cabinet with orange handles among toys in a room.
  • Cozy reading nook with bookshelves, cushioned seating, and a decorative lamp.
  • Room with an optical illusion of upside-down furniture, including a bed and shelf.
  • Close-up view of a blue drawer slightly open in a beige cabinet.



When visiting Eleanor's home we quickly realized she had a lack of storage. The space felt cramped and needed to be reorganized. We quickly got to work drawing up her plans with 3D models. Eleanor, an avid reader, needed a nook where she could cozy up and spend some time. To create this nook like space, we placed the loft bed in the center of the right wall. This left space a cozy space for a 42" bookcase. The bookcase features open and closed shelving. Here we envisioned comfy pillows or a bean bag chair where she could hang out. The Dumbo Loft bed gave her even more storage and a desk space for her homework. We added carpet tile to the stairs to ensure her safety.

On the opposite wall, we encountered a problem. The end of the wall had a notch making the length uneven. Here we planned for open storage for her toys. Instead, we decided on a custom armoire with bright pops of blue and leather pulls. With the armoire, the notch isn't as noticeable as it would have been with a complete wall unit with only shelving. 


  • Close-up view of a blue drawer slightly open in a beige cabinet.
  • Empty wooden bookshelf with green drawers beside a small window.
  • Loft bed with desk, shelves, blue accents, modern space-saving furniture.
  • Empty wooden closet, blue drawers, versatile storage solution.

A Look Before

Before we redesigned Eleanor's room it felt cramped because of the lack of storage. Now everything has its place.

Cozy room with couch, desk, chair, shelves, blinds, and two windows.