Three Siblings: Bringing bunk beds to new heights.

Sometimes a problem presents an opportunity to create something extraordinary. When the Hart family needed space for three to sleep in a room with a narrow footprint, Casa Kids looked upwards. We created the HiHi, a triple-bunk-bed with two custom storage staircases, cabinets, and drawers.

A premium walnut finish with white accents keeps the triple-bunk-bed and accompanying furniture looking fresh and chic without overwhelming the room.

Beyond a triple bed, the triple-bunk includes two cabinets, five drawers, and storage stairs – it does triple-duty for sleep and storage.

A dedicated set of stairs and cutout provide a separate entrance for the middle bunk. Hanging tray tables give the middle and top bunks space for frequently used items, like water, books, and reading lights, without traveling all the way down the stairs.

A unique, u-shaped staircase provides extra stairs to reach higher than a traditional staircase. Custom cutouts reminiscent of portholes have plexiglass inserts to let light flow into the second flight of stairs without compromising safety.

The three tier bunk bed looks and feels like they are "built-in" for that space, but they are completely free-standing and they can easily be disassembled and re-used in a different room without damaging any walls.


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