Bunk Beds & Loft Beds Disclaimer

Children younger than six years old should not be allowed on the upper bunk. 

To ensure rail safety, mattresses cannot exceed 8" thickness.

Bunk bed injuries most commonly result from falls. To mitigate these risks, we encourage parents to be mindful of the dangers and to prevent their children from playing or wrestling on or jumping off the beds. Night lights are recommended to help children see ladders or stairs at night.

Tuck Beds Disclaimer

Tuck beds are to be operated under adult supervision and recommended only for children 12 and older.

Tuck Beds mattresses should not exceed 8" thickness for proper use.

Dressers Disclaimer

Dressers must be anchored to wall to avoid tipping over. 

Sometimes kids open drawers and use them as stairs to climb a dresser and, though we encourage parents to monitor their children and to discourage this behavior, anchoring ensures that even if it does happen, the dresser won’t tip over onto the child.


We cannot accept any returns or refunds on Brooklyn made furniture. 

Returns on Essentials Collection products cannot be accepted past 14 days upon delivery. To begin a return process email us directly at info@casakids.com

Be mindful that you are responsible for the following when returning Essentials:

  • 20% restocking fee
  • Return shipping cost 

For Essentials Collection (Cabina bunk bed, daybed, & trundle)

Please do not refuse delivery of UPS shipments, even if the box appears damaged. Often a box can appear damaged but at most may only need a replacement. It's easier for us to send a replacement part rather than an entire box. Please send us a photograph of any damage at info@casakids.com and we'll be sure to resolve your issue. Be sure to keep all original packaging so we can replace any damaged items. Should items be refused due to damage and upon inspection it is found there are no damages you will be responsible for the shipping costs incurred.