Vibrant bedroom with efficient space use and playful design elements.

A Nursery: A crib and a full size Murphy bed with an integrated daybed.

A small bedroom was converted to function as a nursery for the newborn baby and to host the occasional guest. Due to the tight space, efficiency and maximizing storage are key in the design of this room. We built a Marino crib for the nursery and a full size murphy bed with daybed is built along the main wall for overnight guests.

During the day, the full Tuck Bed folds away and the daybed can be used for lounging while watching the baby. Deep drawers built-in below the daybed maximizes storage in this small room.

In the evening, to host occasional overnight guests, the nursery with daybed opens up to a comfortable full-size bed.

Above the Shelving Cabinet for Tuck Bed is built to maximize the storage capacity of this tight space.

Hanging shelves and a hanging cabinet hold family photos and other small knick-knacks. A neutral finish of natural and white plywood becomes the perfect backdrop for the striped ceiling and eclectic fabric colors and patterns in this modern nursery.

Wall with cabinet and shelves, books, photos, and decor items displayed
Modern bedroom with white daybed, colorful pillows, net canopy, and cozy ambiance.
Modern room with sofa, art, bookshelf, cabinet, evoking a creative and vibrant atmosphere.
Chic nursery with crib, playful pillows, and vibrant wall art.
Minimalist bedroom with a modern bed featuring storage drawers.