What is a Murphy Bed? 

Tuck Beds, also referred to as Murphy beds, are beds that fold up into a wall; hiding the bed until they are slept in. This bed solution is perfect for spaces that are small or not used regularly, making it ideal for guestrooms or playrooms. They are designed to increase the functionality of a space by mounting to virtually any wall and folding easily and compactly. Typically taking up only 15” of floor space when folded it leaves plenty of room for daytime play.


Are Murphy beds safe?

Murphy Beds should always be operated under adult supervision and never closed with a person or a pet in the bed. Tuck beds are recommended for children aged 12 and up. At that age, they would be more cautious when opening the bed.

How can I make my Murphy bed more functional?


An easy way to increase functionality is by adding extra storage to your murphy bed. With our Tuck beds, we can add storage cabinets above or beside. In custom projects, we’ve added cabinets and desks along the length of a wall to appear built-in. Cabinets are available above the Tuck bed over daybed or tuck bed horizontal, and they are available to either the left or right of the tuck bed vertical.

Tuck Bed Vertical or Tuck Bed Horizontal?



Depending on the configuration of your room, either the Tuck Bed Vertical or the Tuck Bed Horizontal can be the perfect space-saving solution for you. On both of these models, an integrated shelf doubles as a leg support and gaps characterize the spaces between all of the beds’ moving parts so parents can pull it open and closed without fear of pinched fingers.  

Vertical Bed is 44" L x 15" D x 83" H

Horizontal Bed is 80" L x 15" D x 45" H

Designed for use with a standard twin mattress, 8" thickness or less. 

Tuck over Daybed


An upgrade on the Tuck Bed Horizontal, this bed features an upholstered bench when closed. The lower and bolster cushions with a zippered cover of the bench are included in one of our standard colors. Please inquire about available fabrics.

Designed for use with a standard full mattress, 8" thickness or less. 

80” L x 43” D x 70” H for the full size over daybed.




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