After you’ve placed your order with us, we’ll get to work on planning your delivery. Although fabrication for our made-to-order pieces takes about 10-12 weeks, we like to schedule all deliveries far in advance to make sure that everything arrives on time. Most installations take less than a day, unless the project is very complex. 

There are a few different options for delivery services: 

  • Full Service Delivery and Assembly 
  • Delivery Only
  • Pickup

Full Service Delivery and Assembly 


Our most all encompassing delivery service involves full delivery and assembly. With this option, a white glove delivery service will drive your furniture to your home, coordinate with your building if need be, move the furniture into the room you’d like it placed and put it together for you. We recommend this option for murphy beds, and any large or complex furniture. It’s best to allow professionals who have worked with this type of piece many times put it together and if need be, bolster it to the wall. Besides safety, sometimes the pieces we create can require very precise assembly, and allowing our crew to handle the entire thing will save you a ton of time and stress. Some general rules to keep in mind before your delivery:

  • Clear the room ahead of install date: Make sure there’s nothing that might obstruct the entry of the crew
  • Keep children safely away from the installation room. 
  • Let us know before your delivery date if you need help moving out existing furniture
  • Let us know before your delivery date if your building requires a Certificate of Insurance
  • Please inform us if there is a service entrance at your building, and the location if so
  • If you live in an apartment building please tell us if there are stairs, an elevator, etc
  • Let us know about ceiling fans, outlets and switches that you don’t want to be blocked by the furniture 

Out of State Limitations

Our delivery crews outside of the New York area are unable to secure heavy items (such as Tuck beds) to the walls, so that portion of the installation will require an outside worker in order to fortify the piece and make it extra safe.

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Delivery Only

Collage of images: left, children posing with furniture parts outdoors; right, kids relaxing on a new bunk bed.


For simple pieces, like a desk or small bed, you might not need an assembly team to help you put it together. In this case, we will either send it to your home by either UPS or White Glove. White glove will involve a crew driving the pieces over by pallet and bringing them into the room of your choice. UPS deliveries arrive in boxes, and are left wherever your UPS packages typically arrive.

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Collage: workshop scenes with furniture under construction, including a detailed view of a bunk bed.


If you are local to the New York area, we can arrange for you to pick up your furniture from our Brooklyn showroom. This choice is by far the rarest, and needs to be arranged before purchase. 

Our showroom has limited space, so it’s important to mention to our team beforehand that you’re thinking of picking up so that we can make sure we can accommodate.

Some things to keep in mind when you schedule your pickup:

  • Furniture will be shrink wrapped in plastic film, but we don't provide packing blankets, so make sure to bring some if you require them.
  • Talk to our team about the size of your car/van vs. check the dimensions of pieces.
  • Make sure you have at least two people to move the furniture, it's often heavier than people assume.

No matter what your situation is or where you are in the country, we can help you figure out the best way to have your furniture delivered and put together. We can even help you plan disassembly and reassembly if you’re moving. For first steps,visit the showroom or  book a consultation.