In the past year we’ve seen many changes to how people use their homes. Now more than ever, you are probably looking for ways to utilize the space you have in the most efficient way. However, no one wants to live in a space thatlookslike an impersonal office or classroom.  

As New York designers, we’ve always put a huge emphasis on saving space. We definitely got a head start on figuring out creative ways to save space without sacrificing style. The good news is that there’s a single piece of furniture that can address all of these issues: A Murphy bed.


The Rise of The Murphy Bed

We’ve seen a huge uptick in Murphy beds (or Tuck beds as we’ve named them) this year because people love being able to convert their rooms into whatever they need at the moment. Add one to your guest room so that any visitors you welcome into your home have a nice full sized bed to sleep on. When the visitors clear out, the bed goes back up and the room is free to use as an at home office, a den or a playroom. 


CASAKiDS at the I.C.F.F

We recently exhibited our new designs at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.  The most popular piece was our Queen Size Tuck Over Daybed.  This unit's handsome design and sensibility make it ideal for adults and children alike.  The visitors loved the cushioned and upholstered headboard and the smooth transition of the pull down frame.   They also loved the added storage and functionality of the nightstands that slide out to meet the bed when it's unfolded. 


Hidden Features:  

Many of our beds have hidden storage options or trundle beds that slide away when not in use. We always recommend incorporating some form of storage solution into murphy beds in order to keep your room organized, and clear even more floor space. The underside of our murphy beds can be made to double as a magnetic board or even a white board, which are great additions to both offices and playrooms. 

The 2-in-1 Bed and Sofa

One of our most popular Murphy bed options is The Tuck Over Daybed. This bed offers extra seating during the day, and a bed at night, making it perfect for guest rooms or small studio spaces. We can place storage solutions above or on the side of the bed as well, creating an all-in-one bedroom unit. 

As always, if you have an image of your ideal Murphy bed and it isn’t something that we already have listed in our catalog, we can work with you to custom build it. Fill out our custom projects form and we’ll give you a call to get started on building the perfect Tuck bed for your home.

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