As an adult, you generally know what you need in your room. Kids, on the other hand, have a little more trouble figuring those things out. We’ve gathered some quick tips on how to determine your child’s furniture needs.

Consider what’s permanent

Before you start looking at what you might need, take stock of what you already have. Account for and measure closet space, nooks that could easily become closets, and anything that’s built into your home, from built in dressers to window-benches.

Child’s room with bunk bed, desk, toys, and window blinds.


Always remember storage

Toy storage is not just an issue of aesthetics and organization—it’s a safety and productivity concern, too. Make sure you take inventory of how many toys your child has when you think about how much storage you’ll need. Take a close look at clothing, as well, to make sure that everything will have a place within your new design.

White wardrobe, wooden shelves with toys, green carpet, and open door in a tidy child’s room.


Be mindful of age and attitude

Your child’s age is an essential consideration when it comes to design. No child under the age of six should have a loft bed. Maturity is also critical: some kids over six are still not ready to abide by loft or top-bunk rules. Safety is always the top concern when designing for children. Recognizing what your child is like and how he or she might react to a space is extremely important.

Person sitting at library desk, face obscured, amidst books and study materials.


Pay attention to activities

Look to what your child likes to do for furniture guidance. If your child likes to read, consider open shelving to store and display books. If he or she is still young but likes to draw, think about including a desk with a booster seat to use for crafts now and studies later. Casa Kids furniture is tailored to meet not only your child’s immediate needs, but those he or she is likely to grow into.


Child’s room with bunk beds, bookshelf, and blurred child movement.

For a professional look at what your kids need, set up a consultation with us! We’ll help you determine exactly what belongs in your child’s space and how to make furniture decisions that work and grow with your child.