Make Space for Two

With Space-Saving And Kid Friendly Room Dividers


Three connected images of a child's bedroom: beds with storage, a wall-mounted desk, and shelves filled with toys.


Oftentimes it feels like we can’t keep up with kids’ ever expanding collection of toys, books, and clothes; even more so when they need to share a bedroom. These shared rooms can feel cramped and lack privacy. Luckily room partitions address all of these problems, create extra storage, and more.

Dividing rooms is made possible with clever solutions like custom shelving that can span the height of the room, our modular system, or panels.


  • A room featuring white modular storage units with cabinets and drawers, alongside a matching white chest of drawers.
  • A room with a large white built-in shelving unit and cabinets, featuring a central doorway leading to another room.
  • 3D rendering of a room with large windows and a white storage unit featuring a decorative central door.

Older Sibling And Baby

Custom shelving can be used for splitting a room for siblings of different ages. While one child may be already in school, another might just be starting to walk. In these cases the older sibling needs a space that is distinctly theirs, a space that reflects their style and interests. Simultaneously the space has to be function for the young sibling.

A prime example is Sorley and Saskia’s bedroom. This space was converted from just one bedroom to accommodate a nursery and big brother.

Collage of kids' rooms: baby in crib, and diverse setups with beds, desks, and shelves.


Brother And Sister Shared Rooms

When two siblings of different genders need to share a room, they can feel like their privacy is being intruded upon. As they grow older and need to feel separated and independent, room dividers allow each child to have their own “room” in a shared space. See the complete tour here.

  • 3D model of a room with light wood floors, featuring a bed with built-in stairs and storage shelves.
  • Collage of a children's room: left, twin beds flanking a central toy shelf; right, a hallway showing shelving.
  • 3D model of a children's bedroom with two beds, built-in shelves, and storage cabinets, all in light wood finish.
  • 3D rendering of a corridor in a home with built-in wooden shelving and storage cabinets, showcasing modern design.
  • A child's room with a colorful bedspread, wooden storage units filled with toys and books, and warm lighting.
  • 3D rendering of an interior space with wooden shelving and seating areas, featuring a central walkway.


Create A Room Where There Wasn’t Before.

Some homes simply don’t have the space, or rooms, to fulfill a families needs. Sectioning off a portion of a large room for multipurpose use is possible with panels or cabinets. This option is great for creating home offices, nurseries, or play rooms.

This large living room had no space to accommodate a nursery. To create a new room we made custom bookshelves with a pocket door. To finish off the space a tuck bed with cabinets acts as another wall sectioning off the space.

 A child's room with a colorful bedspread, wooden storage units filled with toys and books, and warm lighting.

View the complete Library room tour here.