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Miles and Madeline's Room: Cohesive design for a brother and sister.

In an Upper Manhattan apartment building, we designed a room that Miles and his baby sister will be happy to share as they grow up together. To give each child a defined area, we proposed partitioning the room with cabinets that would dramatically add to the rooms storage space. Our all white finish was chosen as a "blank slate" for the parents to design a gender neutral theme for their children.

Miles has plenty of open storage space in his "room" where he can proudly display his toy and stuffed animal collection. As for those items that are more storage than display, his parents added some colored bins for that compliment the theme of the room.

In addition to all of the open storage space in Miles' has, we installed storage drawers under the bed so his clothes can stay organized.

Over in Madeline's nursery you will find the same amount of storage space that her brother has. As she gets older, the crib will be removed and our twin size bed with storage drawers will replace it. The final plan for the brother and sister shared room is an addition of modular desks that will give each child their own workspace.


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