Max and Stella's Room: Sharing is caring

When we met twins Max and Stella, they were sharing a large room with high ceilings.  But now at the age of 7 (and into respective boy and girl things), we were asked to create a partition room divider for separation. In order to create privacy, we created a customized middle divider.

This customized middle partition contains the children's activities and storage needs, providing a place to work, play and to house clothes, books and their toys. Besides the middle partition, we also took advantage of their beds' headboards and the corner walls and built even more storage opportunities.

Since the built middle partition divides the room into two distinct spaces, we created exterior storage and bookshelves along and at the end of the entryway for shared interests and activities.

Separate, but cohesive, spaces blend into individual live, work and play options.

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