With the wealth of furniture options available in stores and online, sometimes it seems like everything is custom. You can choose individual pieces from various stores and furniture makers to create the room that you want—more or less. But not all furniture solutions are created equal, and there are tremendous, long-lasting benefits to choosing fully custom furniture. Those benefits can save you time and energy, and—most importantly—give you the perfect space.

Exact Fit

Perhaps the most obvious reason to choose custom furniture is that you get exactly what you want for your space, without compromising. Custom furniture design eliminates that “more or less” factor, where your furniture is almost what you wanted, but you wish a few things were different.

Compact room with bed atop bookshelf-stairs, optimizing space.

Perfect Match

All the furniture in a custom set is cohesive. There’s no need to worry about mismatched pieces or to compromise style or color for fit or vice versa. Custom furniture is just that—custom. It’s built for you out of matching materials in a consistent style that’s made to fit together.

Stylish modern bedroom with bunk beds, desk, computer, colorful rug, and wall art.

Less Stress

When we design furniture, we help you determine your needs, what will work with the space, and how to implement different types of solutions. We offer recommendations based on our expertise and do all the heavy-lifting, from measuring to installation. This saves you time and energy when it comes to immediate decision making and eliminates the potential hassles associated with returning furniture and retuning design.

Sketch, photo of bunk bed with storage, desk, shelves, tidy room

Long-term solutions

Custom furniture is a long-term solution. We present you with a design with the future in mind. Since children grow and change, this is especially important when it comes to kids’ furniture. Whether we lower a loft bed to make it safe for a child under six and then return when he or she is old enough, raise the bed, and add as desk, or suggest that you choose a desk with a booster seat for a small child who likes to draw, our designs transition with children in a way that piecemeal furniture does not.

Making changes consistent

We’re in it for the long-haul, too. Sometimes a shared room becomes a single room, or a single space becomes shared. We stand by our product through those changes and make the adjustments you need for seamless design through the changes in your life.