As custom furniture designers, we tackle a wide variety of issues. One the most common things we’re asked to do is make a child’s space more organized. We’ve come up with a few key things to think about when figuring out how to organize your child’s room.

Decide What to Display

Go through what you kids have and determine what should be left out on display. Trophies, books, and other things your kids might be proud of should be placed on open shelves for all to see.

Colorful bookshelf with a variety of books and magazines.

Keep Messy Items Behind Doors

Messy items, like paper and craft supplies are best kept behind closed doors. Be sure to have enough space in cabinets and drawers to keep these items out of sight to avoid a cluttered room.

Two children studying in a bright room with large windows and wooden floors.

Be Mindful of Use Frequency

Think about what your child uses most. Anything he or she reaches for regularly should have a place that’s just that—within reach. Seasonal and less-used items are best stored on farther, higher shelves.

Think About What They Have

When it comes to choosing the best type of organization strategies for a space, the items you’re organizing are just as important as the space you have. If your child has a lot of wires or cables, extra drawers are a great option to keep the top of his or her desk clear. If your kids have a lot of books, opt for more open shelves. If your child has a lot of toys, closed cabinets are the way to go.

Child’s room with bunk beds, bookshelf, and blurred child movement

For more organization and storage ideas and solutions, call or email us to schedule a consultation: we’ll have your kids’ rooms tidy in no time!