We often get questions about (what furniture is ready to ship and what has to be made to order. Customers often get confused with what is “custom” and what is simply “made to order”) the timeline that it takes for our furniture to be delivered, and while that question is different for every order, there are four categories of pieces that we offer, each with their own process. Keeping these categories in mind will help you decide which piece best fits the timeline you’re working with: Ready-Made, Standard Design, Custom, Customizable. Here are the differences between these types, in order of shortest to longest timeline:


Ready-made pieces: already made, packed and ready to ship.

Collage: wooden loft bed with integrated storage and staircase, set against an orange wall in a vibrant room.



Since there are consistent requests for these pieces, they are fabricated ahead of time and stocked so that the entire process is expedited.

Benefit: This is the best option for anyone who needs a piece right away or doesn’t need any sort of alterations.

Keep in mind: These pieces are not able to be modified at all. If requested, we can use an Essentials Collection design to base a customized design on, but the timeline extends since we would be creating the piece from scratch. If you want an Essentials Collection piece at the listed price and as fast as possible, no changes can be made.


Standard design: Designs that we’ve already created and listed on the site, not fabricated until an order is placed.

Collage of images: A loft bed over a study area in a plush room, a cozy bed setup with a height chart on the wall.


These pieces are baseline designs and often fabricated. This option allows you to work with a larger selection and find a piece that might better suit what you’re looking for. However, it also means that you’ve chosen to take the design as it is, with the options offered on the site.

For example, the options we offer with our standard designs are finishes (birch, white, walnut and oak), sizes (twin, twin-XL full, queen), climbing options (stairs or ladder) and configurations (twin over full, l-shaped, etc.).

These pieces are all made-to-order, so there is an extended timeline. For Casa Kids standard designs, made to order are delivered in 10 to 12 weeks. However, since the piece has been made many times previously, planning and sketching are cut out of the process and it takes less time than customized or custom work.

Benefit: More options for model, finishes, configurations and sizes.

Keep in mind: Modifications are limited to standard options available for each design.


Customized design: A slightly modified version of a design that we’ve already created.

Collage of images: left, a pink and orange bunk bed with toys; right, a fort-style bed with storage and a play area.


Similar to the previous group, this process starts with one of the standard designs listed. The difference with this category is that you can then choose to modify it with colors, materials (carpet, upholstery, etc.) and/or measurements in order to better fit your space.

Benefit: More specifically designed to best suit your room, the design can also take into account any size modifications needed. For example, we can shorten a bed height to accommodate a lower ceiling.

Keep in mind: Modifying the original design involves planning and will take more time than ordering standard.

Custom design: is a completely fresh design, made just for you

Collage of images: left, a sketch of a colorful loft bed with a desk; right, a room with a loft bed, desk, and accents.


Starting with a consultation, measurements and sketches, designers create something brand new according to your specifications. You and the designer work together to plan the perfect materials, colors, finishes, sizes and orientations for your one-of-a-kind piece.

Benefit: A bespoke product unique to your specs.

Keep in mind: This process takes time. Together, we’ll carefully plan and bring to life your unique vision. Design or consultation fees may apply.

To get started on a new project or ask any questions about our products, contact us here or request a showroom visit:

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