Selling Pre-owned Custom Projects at Half the Cost

Sustainability is important to us, which is why we always strive to make furniture that lasts as long as possible. However, as the years went by we discovered that our beds were lasting so long that parents needed help finding a way to move on without wasting them when it was time to upgrade. 

The pre-owned program started several years ago when a customer asked us if we could check around with other potential buyers and see if anyone needed a bunk bed like the one his daughter had just outgrown. It was in great shape, so we agreed. As luck would have it, we had someone in mind, and because they were both local, coordinating the sale was convenient for everyone involved. From there, we decided to start an official Casa Kids Furniture Resale Program.

 Two images of large wooden bookshelves: one in an empty room, and another filled with books and toys in a cozy corner.

With our resale program, we can find a new match for your furniture and start its lifecycle over! We've successfully sold countless good condition pre-owned pieces (our most popular pieces being loft and bunk beds) some more than once. We love seeing this because it means that we’re helping our customers, both new and old, as well as the environment, by extending the lifespan of the furniture.

Two images of modern bunk beds: one with blue bedding and toys, the other with gray bedding and storage drawers.

Our resale program mainly operates in the NYC and surrounding areas. In these areas we can offer our full service with furniture pick up from the seller's home to furniture delivery in the buyer's home. We try to move furniture straight from the seller’s home to the buyer’s. If we run into a situation where that’s not possible, we can bring the furniture to our Brooklyn shop and later deliver and install it at its new home. The drawback of this is that we have to charge extra for the second delivery and also for storage charges. 

While our handling services are not available outside of NYC, we can still list pieces that are out of state. In those cases, our furniture resale program works similarly to a marketplace. We will connect you with potential buyers but the handling of furniture will be decided by you and the buyer. Other popular areas our resale program functions in are Los Angeles and San Francisco. The location of the piece will be specified in the listing.

Two images of a man working: left, drilling into a wooden panel with portholes; right, installing shelves in a cabinet.


Ethan and Mia’s matching loft beds pictured here recently went on sale on our pre-owned section.Check the link here.

To resell your Casa Kids furniture you simply need to send us photos of the piece, the more photos the better, including any marks or imperfections. The photos we use in the listing are the ones you provide us. The better the piece looks in the space, the better chance we have at selling quickly. After that, we take care of the rest.

  • We’ll list your furniture for50% of the price that you paid in our pre-owned section. 
  • As leads come in our team will contact you, no need to negotiate a sale yourself.
  • When a sale is made in the NYC area our team will coordinate pick up from your home and then deliver the furniture to its new home. You don’t need to disassemble or move the furniture yourself.
  • For sales outside of the NYC area we will connect you with the buyer directly to arrange pick up. 
  • Get your check! After a successful sale,we’ll send your check for25% of the price you paid, without lifting a finger.

To learn more about our resale program or to start with us send us an email at

Check out our pre-owned sectionhere!