Designing a room for an only child allows you great flexibility in your choices, but with those with so many options, it is hard to narrow down the design. Regardless of the unlimited decor options, there are three basic furniture needs your child has; a bed, desk, and storage. To begin the choose how the furniture will be placed about the room. It is important to account for the circulation of the room to maximize open floor space and not block the natural light.

Start with where you will position the bed, we choose the bed position first since it is the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom and where we spend most of our time. The bed should be in a comfortable spot that allows privacy. We like to place beds along the wall that is opposite the door to minimize noise; if the kids share a wall with another room, consider if noise will be an issue for them. Next, decide on the desk location. Ideally, it should be placed in a location with the most natural light and finally locate the necessary storage for clothes and toys.



Person reading by window in compact room with desk, shelves, and bed.

A classic twin bed can last your child through college. At 77 inches long, this bed is sufficient for most growing kids. If you suspect your child will be tall when they grow up, opt for the twin XL bed. A twin XL bed is 82" long. The same length as a queen-size bed and the same size used in college dorms.

We like to give the classic twin bed a twist by always utilizing the space underneath. If your child has frequent sleepovers we recommend adding a trundle beneath the bed. Storage drawers beneath a twin bed are also an option. Cannot decide between a trundle bed or storage drawers? Our Dumbo Storage Bed is our favorite option for an only child. The bed features a middle section with storage drawers and shelving, a lower trundle bed, and even some additional drawers in a three-step staircase.



Modern desk and chair in organized workspace with shelves.

Around the age of six kids begin to need a desk in their room, whether for homework or their own art projects. This space is vital as kids grow older, they will need a designated space to focus. There's no way to go wrong with a desk. Deciding on the right desk mainly comes down to the size your room can accommodate. Our most compact desk is 31" wide, sufficient for most uses. We always recommend a desk with an upper hutch for added storage. If your room can fit a larger desk, we suggest sizing up. It'll be easier for them to spread out as their workload becomes heavier throughout the years. 



Storage in a room is split into two categories; clothing and toys or books. Your needs will depend on the structure of the child's room. 

Clothing Storage

White dresser and wardrobe in a bright, airy room.

Deciding on the type of clothing storage a room requires starts by asking yourself some questions.  Does the room have a closet? Can that closet accommodate all of their clothing? From there you can narrow your options.

If the room has an existing closet a simple row of drawers will suffice for their knits and other folded clothing. Our standard dresser features a single row with 3 drawers. If the room does not have a closet, they will definitely need an armoire with the option of a dresser.  

Toy, Book, and Miscellaneous Storage

Bookshelves in separate rooms, filled with various items, showcasing different styles.

Kids will need storage for their other belongings as well. Whether to store books or as a place to display their favorite things, a shelving unit is beneficial for them. Modulor Storage Collection can feature a combination of shelving, cabinets, or drawers. If your home has a designated play area, they may not need additional toy storage. Most homes won't be able to accommodate that and kids will need to store toys in their rooms. We recommend our Modulor Low Storage w/ Bench. This piece has open and closed shelving easily within reach of kids and a large bottom drawer that doubles as a seating area. The bottom drawer allows kids to sit on the floor to play and quickly put away their toys when finished.



Compact living spaces with multifunctional furniture, showcasing creative design.

Some rooms are on the smaller side and cannot accommodate a full furniture set, but don't fret! In this case, we always recommend adding a loft bed to your child's room. Children over the age of 6 are able to safely sleep on a loft bed. Loft beds can be customized to feature a desk, open shelving, and even a dresser underneath, combining all the furniture needs for your child in one.