We all love spending time with our families. We do so now more than ever, but sometimes we all need a little down time to decompress. Having a private space is crucial for everyone, especially tired children adjusting to their new schedules. If our homes are starting to feel small, we have 5 essential tips for sharing your spaces at home.

1. Partition Your Room

Dividing a room is possible with panels, bookshelves, or other materials. This option creates two rooms in one and provides substantial privacy. If two siblings need to share a room they no longer have to feel like they do not have their own space. Partitions can also be used to create a "new" room in an open common space where there wasn't before.

Partitioning with storage units also helps keep the expanding toy, books, and clothing collection all in a designated space. 

2. Create a Mixed Use Room

Common mixed used rooms include guest rooms & home offices and playroom & guest room. Consider making your room do double duty. This will save space as you don't need to expand your homes footprint. 

A NYC family utilizes a section of their loft as a playroom for the kids and a home office during the day for the parents. 

This home office doubles as a guest room when visitors are in town.

3. Save Space with a Bunk Bed by Using the Height of the Room

Bunk beds are the ultimate space savers in kid's rooms. If your room does not have the square feet to accommodate sleeping for two (or even three!), stacked beds solve that problem. This solution uses a commonly neglected area of the room, its height. If you run out of floor space, consider going higher. All of your furniture does not need to lie directly on the ground.


Triple Bunk Beds can sleep three in just one room!

Bunk beds can also offer plenty of storage. Always remember to use each inch of space you have. On bunk beds storage drawers can be added beneath. We also always build drawers right into the stairs of bunk beds.

Bunk beds can also be low to the ground if your children are weary of heights or your ceilings are low.

4. Use Loft Beds For Privacy and Independence

Loft Beds have endless possibilities. Under the elevated bed a desk, storage, and more can be accommodated. Not only do loft beds allow you to fit in more than one piece of furniture in amount of space a single bed would take up, but they are also champions of privacy. If you have children of different ages, loft beds allow them to share a room while still feeling like they have their own space that they can fill with their own personalities. 

Brothers Tony and Owen share a room with two loft beds. Both beds feature a desk and storage underneath.

5. One Size Desk Fits All

Sharing a space can limit the amount of room you have to work with, one of the best ways to not have to double up on each piece of furniture is to purchase one essential piece that can benefit multiple people in your household. Take for example working from home, access to a desk at home as become more crucial  in our daily lives. A long desk that can accommodate more than one person at a time is the best solution.

This desk can accommodate three people at once, and all have their designated storage space.

If your home cannot accommodate a longer desk, a desk with adjustable heights will be beneficial. With this sort of desk Mom or Dad can work during the day. Once child is home from school, they can adjust the desk to the lowest height and work on their schoolwork.

Piano Desk adjusts from toddler height to standing adult.

There are endless possibilities when sharing spaces. At Casa Kids we have created countless custom rooms that address sharing a space for the short and long term. Let us know in the comments below how you share you spaces or sign up for a consultation with our team.

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