How long will your child be able to sleep comfortably in their bunk bed?  We get this question all the time, but the answer really depends on a few factors. Ideally, a bed should be able to be used by your child until they go off to college. Let’s review some of the things you should take into account when estimating how long your child’s bunk bed will last them. 
Two images: left, older boy and baby sibling smiling; right, older boy by a wooden bed structure.


After years of experience, we’ve noticed that girls tend to outgrow bunk beds a few years earlier than boys. We've noticed that some girls around 10 or 11 use their beds as a shared space with friends, where they chat and play games. The more kids use their bed as a play area with their friends, the quicker the novelty of a ladder or stairs might end up as more of a hindrance for them. Conversely, boys we’ve met seem to be content with a bunk bed even around ages 13 or 14, as long as there is space underneath or around the bed, and adequate desk space.

Three images of a girl: climbing bunk bed, sitting with a book on bed, peeking from behind ladder.


We recommend making sure that there is at least 36” between the mattress and the ceiling. This is usually enough room that a young adult under 5’11 will be able to sit comfortably in bed without hitting their head on the ceiling. Our beds work best with a minimum ceiling height of 7'-6” to 8'-4”, depending on the style of bed that you choose. For more information on how to choose the right bunk bed, click here. 

Twin-sized beds are best suited for people who are under 6 feet tall. If you think your child will be taller than 5'-11" it might be smart to start out with a Twin-XL or even Full-sized bunk bed. Starting out with a slightly larger bed frame will guarantee you get more use out of it, even with the most drastic growth spurts.

Two images: left, bunk bed with study area below; right, two boys smiling, sitting on a bed.


Our beds have a weight capacity of 500 pounds. This is usually enough to accommodate both parent and child on the bed at once, allowing you to join your kid in bed for a bedtime story. 

Watching your kids grow and mature is one of the most exciting parts of parenthood. It can be a challenge to choose bedroom furniture that will adapt well with the changes that they go through as they age, but keep in mind that not all bunk beds are equal. It's important to choose a model that can transition with your kids as they age. 


For more about designing your child’s room, check out this blog article. 

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