When you live in a small space, beds take up a significant percentage of your real estate. A single bed occupies approximately 23 square feet of floor space, and a full-size is 30 square feet. So, if a typical kids room is 120 square feet, you easily add 25-percent extra space by adding a bunk or loft bed or building storage into your bed. Investing in a dual function bed is the best way to maximize your space. At CasaKids, we offer space-maximizing beds in a variety of styles; here’s a rundown of all the ways you can put your bed to work.

Modern child's room with wooden bunk bed featuring stairs, alongside a desk near a large window.

Bunk Beds

At CasaKids, we’re known for our bunk  beds. These elevated beds are the original space saver, giving a bed’s footprint twice the use: The upper bed plus whatever is below–be that a same size or larger bed, in case of a single over double bunk. Bunk beds are great options for shared rooms with a kid over age six.

Child’s bedroom with loft bed, desk, storage stairs, and spotty rug.

Loft Beds

Like bunk beds, a loft bed lets you double the use of the square footage your bed occupies, but in this case with a desk or play area below. Loft beds are particularly popular in tween and teen rooms, where a dedicated study spot is desired, but they’re also great for swing rooms in homes with generous ceiling heights. Made with steps, grown-ups can also easily climb into our loft beds.

Collage of modern children's bedroom furniture including murphy beds, shelving, and a cozy nook.

Wall Beds

Wall beds, also known as murphy beds, are another way to double the use of a bed’s footprint. After assessing the wall beds on the market, we developed our own proprietary mechanism that is easy to fold and unfold with no risk of pinched fingers. We sell the Tuck Bed as both a  vertical and  horizontal  orientation. When folded up, these beds take up just 15-inches of floor space. To further maximize space, we’ve designed cabinetry that can surround the Tuck Bed. 

Read more about  these amazing space-saving beds here.

Child's bedroom with green walls, a single bed featuring a blue drawer, and playful carpet designs.

Trundle Beds

If you don’t have room for a bunk bed, or you only need a second bed occasionally,  a trundle bed,  which tucks in beneath a bed, lets you have two beds where there would normally only be one. The only caveat is that you need a room with enough floor space to be able to pull out the second bed. When a room is small but your child wants a bigger bed (and room for sleepovers), we can put a twin trundle under a full-sized bed.


Cozy blue room with bed, shelves, guitar, ladder, and ‘LATINO’ on wall.

Storage Beds

Yet another way to make use of the bed’s real estate is to put  trundle drawers under the bed. We make custom beds with a variety of drawer styles and configurations, but we also sell storage drawers to go beneath our ready-to-ship Cabina Daybed.

All of the Above

Over the years, we’ve designed beds that combine multiple features, like a bunk bed with a trundle beneath, an XL twin bunk bed with storage drawers, and a double bed with both storage drawers and a trundle. The options are endless. If you have something specific in mind,  contact us and we can sketch out the possibilities. You can also find inspiration in  our portfolio of Casa Kids-designed rooms.