Desks for the new normal

Modern office with white desks, chairs, and large windows for ample light.

As an NYC based business, we have been working from home throughout NY PAUSE. During this time we've kept our spirits up by designing new furniture that addresses our current needs. Previously, we showed you need home concepts that were designed in quarantine. These pieces were designed with staying at home in mind; furniture that would optimize your comfort and make working at home a possibility even when spaces are cramped.

As NYS slowly began reopening our focus shifted. While we continue working from home, we know that may not be an option for everyone. In this regard, we aimed to find a way to keep people safe in their office spaces. Our new office desk series was born.

Corner desk assembly stages with labeled parts for construction.

The desks are ideal for open concept offices; the desks can offer the enclosed safety of cubicles while maintaining open and modern space.  A large plexiglass shield, or sneeze guard, keeps team members protected from spreading germs; it is tall enough to cover anyone while seated. Desk features wire management shelf, grommet hole, pencil drawer, and side pocket. The side pocket does not only work for keeping hand sanitizer or other disinfectants, but also as a station where coworkers can drop off documents without making contact. Eventually, the desk's guard can be removed. 

Modern white chairs with distinctive designs against a plain backdrop

Sleek modern bathtub on a plain background.

The table-guard is made for offices that would like to add to their current desk setups. It sits on the existing desk. The large plexiglass guard covers you while seated and can be closed once you leave the office. Ideal for offices that don’t have assigned desks as each persons guard can be picked up and moved; laptops taken home for the evening. 

Office cubicles with computers, desks, chairs, and partitions on a neutral background.

The guards encourage team members to work at a distance, while the clear plexiglass cover allows space to still feel open. They serve as a reminder to keep a distance while minimizing spread. Desks and guards should be placed at least 6 feet apart and cleaned with disinfectant spray often.


Learn more about the Table Guard and Office Desk at Casa Collection.

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