We're working from home and with nearly two months in quarantine, we've rearranged our furniture several times in a futile attempt to create more space in notoriously compact NYC homes where there isn't. So we began designing. 

Thinking ahead: Design for our new normal

Our spaces, more than ever, need to provide us comfort, safety, and functionality. When we are spending months on end in our spaces we have to make the best of it. With that in mind, we've sketched up several concept designs meant to save space, remove clutter, and give parents peace of mind.

As our team also rethinks how we can minimize contact in customer's homes during delivery or consultations, we believe each design can streamline delivery and installation. 

The Red Hook Collection

These queen size beds have an extraordinary amount of storage. Available with two rows of drawers, every piece of clothing or extra bedding will have a home that is out of sight. 


Aspen Loft Bed

Based on our Arca Loft, this loft bed is large enough for a couple (available in full or queen) and includes all the furniture you need into a small footprint. The stairs not only double for storage but for displaying your favorite knick-knacks. A large closet allows you to hang your clothing so that it is wrinkle-free. And this bed wouldn't be complete without including your home office for your long line of zoom calls.



A Murphy Bed with Coffee Table

Extra sleeping space needed? How about combining a bed into your living room set. This bed is designed with small apartments in mind. Whether it'd be converting your living room into an additional guest room or for your studio apartment, this set up includes a queen bed, sofa, and coffee table all in one.

Modular Storage System

Our Modular Storage is our most customizable storage system. Each unit can be combined with any modular variation to create a wall unit unique to your needs. Modular is available with desk, drawers, shelving, and doors. What makes this system unit is the built-in appearance while being easily moved if needed.


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