Taking care of our environment is one of our top priorities. Our designs are meant to function for families above all; functionality for us equals longevity. We want our furniture to last your family for decades. In that effort, we use materials that are durable, and each design is carefully thought out.

Our primary material is baltic birch plywood. Plywood is made up of layers of solid wood; no part of the trunk is wasted in the production of plywood. Learn more about our materials here.

Furniture That Converts

Dumbo Low Loft Bed

  • Modern room with twin beds, storage, and natural light.
  • Child’s room with wooden loft bed, stairs, desk, and drawers
  • Sketch of a loft bed with desk, shelves, and a door in a room.

Our Dumbo Loft bed is a popular choice for an only child. The loft bed features a large desk space for homework, storage cabinets, and a bed all in one. But this option may be out of reach for children under 6. That's why we created our Low Loft version. Instead of buying an additional in-between bed for your young child, the Low Loft starts out as a low bed with cubbies underneath. Once your child is old enough the bed can be raised with an additional bookshelf to the standard loft bed height. 

Sometimes kids can decide they no longer want the elevated loft bed, or there might not be space if you're moving. In those cases, the loft bed can be repurposed. The bed lies directly on top of the bookshelves. This can be disassembled easily. When you remove the bed you'll be left with two large storage cabinets to use where ever you like.

Bunk Beds that Split

We have several models of bunk beds that come apart into two twin beds. It's important for bunk beds to convert in case of siblings no longer sharing a room or no longer like climbing up. 

Our Brooklyn made models that can split into two beds are our LoLo and Cabin.

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From our Essentials Collection, the Cabina Bunk Bed can also split. We consider this bed to be a 3-in-1 option. Cabina Bunk can be assembled in various configurations. When split apart the beds can be identical or they can be a twin bed and a daybed, and of course, assembled as a bunk bed.

Tuck Beds

  • Loft bed with storage, play area, toys, and soft lighting in a child’s room.
  • Modern bedroom with built-in closet, bed, and window.
  • dern room with wooden floor, closet sliding doors, and small window
  • Bedroom with two beds, rug, shelf, books, and neutral decor.
  • Modern bedroom, large bed, wall art, hardwood floor.
  • Modern bedroom with art, TV, and wooden furniture.
  • Modern room with Murphy bed, desk, chair, wall art, and ambient lighting.

Our Murphy Beds can help convert the room they are installed in. A murphy bed folds into a cabinet and clears floor space. This can help in small studio apartments or guest bedrooms that need to double as a home office, playroom, or other living space.

Modular Storage


Contemporary wooden bookshelf with cabinets and drawers isolated on white.

Our modular series is vital in creating a space that appears built-in while being able to quickly adapt. Modular pieces can be added to and lined up together to create a wall unit unique to your needs. They can also be quickly moved to other rooms or homes as space permits.

Furniture Resale

Looking for a way to repurpose your Casa Kids furniture? List it in our pre-owned section! Reselling is an effective way to convert furniture and give it a new life cycle.  To find out how to resell furniture click here.