As the calendar turns to 2024, we at Casa Kids pause to reflect on the year that has just passed - a year as challenging as it was rewarding. In 2023, we witnessed significant growth, both as a team and in our creative endeavors, pushing the boundaries of children's furniture design. It was a year marked by creative breakthroughs, each one a stepping stone towards more ambitious goals. We navigated through unique challenges, turning them into opportunities for innovation and expansion. Our journey throughout the year was dotted with exciting projects, each contributing to our mission of transforming children's spaces into realms of imagination and comfort. As we step into 2024, we carry the momentum of last year's achievements, ready to embark on new adventures and set new benchmarks in the world of children's furniture. Join us as we look back at the milestones that shaped 2023 and look forward to an even more thrilling and inspiring year ahead at Casa Kids.

New Innovations in Our Collections:

2023 saw the introduction of several standout pieces in both our Brooklyn and Essentials Collections. Our commitment to combining style with functionality shone through in each design.

The Cabina Loft Bed, when paired with the new hanging desk and chair, became an instant favorite, offering a versatile solution for study and sleep.

Modern loft bed with desk and staircase, gray walls, and a red electric guitar on the floor.


The Cabina L-shaped Loft bed, by combining our loft and twin bed this set up offers a modern take on traditional bunk beds with added flexibility for changing room layouts or when kids need separate spaces.

Stylish child's bedroom featuring a bunk bed, sofa bed, study desk, and circular mirror on a gray rug.


The Tuck over Daybed - Verticala sleek Murphy bed and a highlight of our Brooklyn Collection, redefined space efficiency with its innovative design, adding a touch of elegance and practicality to modern homes.

Modern room with wooden wall units, blue daybed, white and brown cabinets, and a yellow rug.


Bespoke Projects and Expansions:

Our journey into custom-designed furniture reached new heights. From an innovative L-shaped sectional couch with ample storage to full-size loft beds complemented by wardrobes and bookcases for clients in California, each project reflected our passion for bespoke solutions. We also ventured into creating efficient entryway cabinets and a playful loft area in Brooklyn, each project echoing our ethos of form meeting function.

Children's bunk bed in a modern design with pale blue accents and built-in storage, near a window.


Exhibiting at ICFF:

Participating in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits Center in NYC this year was a defining and standout moment for Casa Kids, marking a significant milestone in our journey. This prestigious event provided an unparalleled platform to bring our unique designs and fine craftsmanship into the international spotlight. We were delighted to meet a lot of talented and prestigious interior designers during our time there. Our booth, strategically divided into quadrants, allowed us to exhibit a variety of our signature pieces and new innovations, each tailored to different styles and life stages. Showcasing these designs at ICFF embodied our commitment to functionality, style, and quality, truly highlighting what makes Casa Kids a leader in children's furniture design.

 In Quadrant 1, we focused on the younger years, featuring the Capsule bunk bed, a bench with smart storage solutions, the Cabina crib, and an assortment of toddler furniture. The birch finishes with white and vibrant orange accents brought out the playful, imaginative side of our designs.

Exhibit of modern children's furniture with a unique bunk bed and a crib at a Casa Kids booth.


Quadrant 2 highlighted our take on older children's spaces. It showcased the Marino twin over full bunk bed with stairs, alongside the Dumbo desk and an armchair, all in rich walnut with black accents. A unique touch was added with graffiti-style engravings and upholstery, created in collaboration with New York City graffiti artist Katie Merz, blending art with functionality.

Casa Kids furniture display featuring a patterned bed, matching chair, stool, and a spiraling shelf.


In Quadrant 3, the spotlight was on our Essentials Collection, showcasing the versatility and immediate availability of these designs. This included the Cabina loft bed and twin bed, presented in birch and white finishes. Emphasizing the ready-to-ship feature of the Essentials Collection, this quadrant demonstrated our commitment to providing stylish, functional, and quickly accessible solutions for modern children's spaces.

Showcase of modern kids' bedroom furniture with a bed, loft setup, and playful design elements


Quadrant 4 catered to a more adult aesthetic, featuring our queen-sized murphy bed, the Tuck Over Daybed Vertical, with flanking storage cabinets, elegant armchairs, and the engraved credenza. This area, finished in oak with white accents, exemplified our commitment to creating sophisticated, space-efficient solutions for any age.

Casa Kids booth featuring a stylish murphy bed, sofa, chair, and wall-mounted shelving units at a fair.
Elegant wooden cabinet with intricate carvings displayed at an exhibition, surrounded by visitors.


As we embark on the journey through 2024, the wheels of creativity are already spinning at Casa Kids, with our team passionately designing new pieces that promise to introduce fresh perspectives to children's furniture while maintaining our commitment to high quality manufacturing. Every piece we create is more than just an item; it's a foundation for a child's imagination and growth. Keep an eye out for exclusive sneak peeks and announcements, and stay tuned as we continue this wonderful journey of creating spaces that not only inspire and comfort but also ignite joy in the hearts of children and families alike.