Capsule Bunk Bed

  • The Capsule Bunk Bed features a unique, space-age inspired design that makes any room it's in more interesting. It sits low to the ground making the bottom bunk safer for younger siblings.

    The lower bunk provides a cozy, enclosed area for kids to sleep, read and relax. The top bunk is fitted with a frame high enough for safety, a headboard and is accessed by a ladder with deep steps for comfortable climbing. 

    This Capsule Bunk Bed with enclosed bottom features circle cutouts that compliment its rounded shape. This is unique for an enclosed bunk bed, which are usually rectangular and boxy.

    The signature accent color is a bright orange that adds a pop of color to any room, but if you'd like another color to replace it, contact us before ordering and we'd be happy to customize your bed.  

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