The past couple of years has changed how we approach work, especially as many are still working from home. Now more than ever it is important to have a space dedicated to working or studying at home, and many have transformed their spare room into an office space. However, keeping a life-work balance is harder for those with space limitations, who do not have an extra room available to convert into a home office: if this is something that you have been struggling with while spending more time at home, you should be taking advantage of a Murphy bed set up to maximize the use of your space.

Modern home office with a murphy bed extended as a full bed, large window, and a desk chair.


It is important to keep a distinction between work and relaxation areas at home, while the easy way to do this is to use separate rooms - one for sleeping and one for working - you can achieve this separation in a bedroom and office combo. Using a Murphy can can work well for smaller spaces with different functions, putting up the bed into the wall makes the space feel like a dedicated office space rather than a combined space. Putting the bed away will help you avoid using your laptop in bed, increasing your productivity. Convertibility is key to making the bedroom/office space work. Because the bed will take up most of the room, it’s best if you can tuck the bed away somewhere when you need to get work done.

Compact workspace with a fold-down desk from a murphy bed unit, in a room with red walls.

Murphy bed down as a full bed with built-in shelving above, set in a room with vibrant red walls.


Ensure you have enough office space: have a combination of shelves and file storage to keep everything organized and easy to locate. A messy desk can make your bedroom look cramped, and by making your workspace clean and tidy, it is easier to put everything away when you’re ready to relax or sleep. You can easily add our modular storage units to add on to your desk, expanding storage space as needed while keeping a unified, built-in look.