Getting ready for an installation can feel hectic, even more so when you don’t know what to expect. In preparation we’ve compiled helpful tips and the ins and outs of the process.

After confirming your delivery date with the Casa Kids team there are a few things our office will need to know. If you live in an apartment building that requires a COI (certificate of insurance) we will need a sample requirement form before we can deliver.

Additionally, to make sure our crew can quickly and easily install your new furniture please let us know the following beforehand:

  • Is there a separate service entrance we can use? Where is it located?

  • Will the elevator be available the day of?

  • Are there any stairs our crew will have to use to access your home?

  • Are there outlets or ceiling fans in the room that might be obstructed by the furniture?

  • Does the room have carpeting?

Beforehand, the room should be cleared for an easy and fast assembly. An open workspace will expedite the process. If the area is not cleared out, our crew will not be able to install.

Safety during an installation is one of our biggest concerns. Although we love seeing how excited children are to use their new rooms, it is important to remember that an installation is an active work zone. This means there may be various tools being used that could potentially be of hazard to yourself or children. We advise steering clear of the room until our crew gives you the green light that they have completed. 

Should an issue arise while our crew is working or you would like to modify any aspect of the design, please contact the Casa Kids office directly. We'll be happy to help you find a fast and easy solution to your concerns.
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