Roberto Gil, Casa Kids lead designer, gives a unique touch to every room he designs. With his modular furniture, the possibilities to design a highly creative custom room while maximizing storage space are limitless. The components of this system creates a built-in cabinet look, however they are independent from each other and they are finished on every side. They can be easily re-arranged and used individually or grouped. Modular furniture is flexible and perfect for urban settings like New York, where people frequently move. It also adjusts very well to kids growing up and moving into new spaces.

A great example of what our products can do for a space is Azzurra, Stella & Allegra’s room, where three sisters now have adequate storage space with our two modular storage units with benches, seen here in walnut and white.

Casa Kids modular furniture as room divisions can also be seen in the design of Miles and Madeline’s room, a space Miles and his baby sister will be happy to share as they grow up together. To give each child a defined area, we partitioned the room with white cabinets adding plenty of storage space. 

In Max and Stella's Room we created a custom middle divider in a large room with high ceilings. Separate but cohesive spaces blend into individual work and play options. The backs of all the cabinets are finished allowing them to be used separately. 

How could your kid’s room be optimized and made into a unique space using Casa Kids modular units and other products? Visit to get an online consultation and find out about more.

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