Showroom visits are beneficial to everyone involved. For our designers, it helps to observe children in their element, ask them questions, and create designs that work better for their needs.

For customers, showroom visits offer an expert consultation about your specific child and home, peace of mind about any safety concerns you might have, as well as an opportunity to involve your child in the design of their childhood room.

Not every situation requires a showroom visit. Sometimes our customers know exactly what they want, and don’t need to do further research. However, there are some scenarios where we recommend that you come into the showroom before choosing a piece to buy. 


Mother and daughter playing with building blocks on floor in a cozy room, ad for showroom visit.

Complex Homes

If you have specific concerns about your home, such as wanting a bunk bed in a room with lower ceilings or looking for a way to inject more storage solutions into a compact space, we recommend coming in to speak with an expert so that we can go over options with you. 

Person focused on a task, seen through torn paper in an indoor setting.

Multiple Children/Shared Spaces

If your kids are sharing a room, coming in to speak with a designer can be incredibly helpful. Appeasing both children with one room can sometimes be a complicated scenario, but we have years of experience navigating through this issue and would be happy to meet both (or all) siblings to put together a room that can make everyone happy. 

First Timers

If your child is transitioning into a “big kid bed” for the first time or wants their first bunk bed, showroom visits can be a great way to get them acclimated to one before making a decision. Sometimes kidsthink they’re ready for a bunk before they actually are, so it’s good to have them try one, check out the view from the top, and see how comfortable they feel with it. It’s also a good way to know whether stairs or a ladder would be the most comfortable option for climbing up.We will always put safety before convenience.


Woodworking workshop with tools and equipment, question about benefits of showroom visits.

Expert Eye:

When Casa Kids first started, our designer Roberto Gil was intent on studying the way that kids use furniture. He spent time at the Children's Museum of the Arts in Manhattan, observing, talking with teachers, and learning about the problems that kids face when dealing with furniture that is not well thought out or even designed with kids in mind. From there, he was able to work on solving these problems and making pieces that work more effectively for kids.

For Roberto, it’s about combining the vigilant eye of a parent who is concerned about the safety of a child, with the analytical eye of a furniture designer, who prioritizes creating something that will look great, and function well. 

Now that Roberto has had years of experience observing the behavior of children in this very specific way, he can make recommendations based on meeting a child during a short showroom visit that often serves them well for years to come. Meeting your family will allow him to make the best suggestion based on the age, energy level, and preferences of your child, and ensure that the piece you choose is the right fit.

Detailed hand-drawn sketches of furniture with dimensions, including a bed and cabinets.

Seeing pieces in person

All of our pieces have unique designs that translate well through pictures but we still hear that people find them much more impressive in person. We attribute this mostly to the careful selection of the materials that we use. It’s one thing to appreciate the look of our furniture online, but there is no substitute for being able to get a close-up view of the materials in each design and feel the sturdiness of the beds we build.

First Introductions

Allowing your child to “meet” one of our beds before choosing it is incredibly valuable for a few reasons. For one, while you might think you know the perfect model for them, seeing your kids interact with a few different models might change your mind. 

This is also a great opportunity to ask for your child’s design input. We love the fact that kids come into the showroom and tell us exactly what they’re looking for, including materials, color and other personalization options. Kids have opinions when it comes to their bedrooms. We’re always amused to hear them, watch them sketch, and incorporate them as much as we can. 

Young girl holding a large educational poster with shapes and patterns, smiling in a showroom.

We also stock our showroom with a bunch of toys, art supplies, and cool mini-models of our furniture that they’re welcome to play with while we work out details with the grown-ups.

If you’re not completely sure which product you need, coming in for a showroom visit is the best place to start. Think of it as a free consultation with an expert who can help you find the perfect option for your child. 

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