When you’re planning your kids’ bedroom there are many big decisions to make: the bed you’re choosing, the layout of the room, the flooring - obviously these are big decisions, but it shouldn’t stop there. Little things can make a big difference, and you need a way to open your new storage cabinet!

While pulls have a primary function which is opening your doors and cabinets, they can also help you define the style of a room. If pulls are currently an afterthought in your furniture, we’re here to explain the different options available with your Casa Kids furniture and why they should be considered early on as you furnish your home.


A cutout pull is just what it sounds like: a cutout in the drawer or door’s surface to provide a way to open them without the need of a handle or knob. This is our favorite pull for kids furniture, and here's why:

  • With cutouts, nothing protrudes. This reduces the chances of an accident while kids are playing around the room or coming down the stairs, as there’s no risk of kids hitting arms and feet against protruding metal surfaces like there is with typical knobs or pulls.
  • They are intuitive and accessible for kids, who instinctively want to reach inside holes, so the cutouts are an appealing way for them to open drawers and doors. 
  • Keeps a minimal look consistent with our philosophy of practical minimalism, as we believe in subtracting material rather than adding unnecessary elements. Visually, we love to utilize simple shapes to create modern and neat designs.

Cut-out pulls can be done in different shapes.


Our most popular option due to its intuitiveness and safety, as it protects fingers from getting caught when pulling the drawer or door. Visually, circles are a consistent motif throughout our furniture, and its simple geometry fits in perfectly within a kids bedroom. This works for both drawers and doors.


A rectangle cutout is ideal for both drawers and doors, offering a more sophisticated, elegant look - angles can be added to the rectangular shape for a modern addition.


Slot cutouts are functional while also being a very sleek option. The cutout at the top edge of the drawer face allows for a peek into the interior, letting you see what’s inside each drawer before opening. Kids are also able to use one or two hands for ease of use.


Though it can only be used on the very bottom drawer of any cabinet or a pencil drawer in a desk, this is our most minimalist solution. The exterior is completely seamless, so one has to feel the edge to pull out the drawer, making it a very tactile experience.


While we love creating pulls by removing material, we are also able to include handle pulls on our designs - a great option to make furniture appear more mature and sophisticated. While these are applicable to doors and drawers, they are not recommended for bed stairs, as even soft leather poses a risk of catching kids’ feet.


An elegant solution to drawers and doors while giving a craft detail to the design, leather pulls are a versatile and sophisticated addition to your storage. They can add a pop of color and contrast to the rest of the furniture to personalize your storage, and can be switched out.


While this is one of the rare occasions in which we fabricate pulls by adding rather than subtracting, by making the pull made of the same material as the rest of the furniture, it keeps a visual consistency. We can also create contrast by using a different finish.

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