Living in NYC often means getting creative about how we use our spaces. To keep the small rooms tidy we love adding storage in places that are often forgotten. Every corner serves a function with us. Check out the top 5 spaces we use for storage.

1. Storage Stairs

Stairs are some of the most overlooked spaces in our homes. Often only used for their designed function, we think they need to do a little more. In our stair designs we like adding as many drawers and cabinets as we can fit.

Bright purple room featuring a wooden loft bed with white storage steps leading up to the sleeping area.
Modern light wooden loft bed structure with built-in white drawers and shelves in a bright room.
Sleek, modern study area with rich wooden paneling, stylish drawers, and an elegant desk lamp.

2. Bed Storage

We all shove away items under the bed, never to be seen again. Instead why not organize it? Our beds are made with storage in mind. The Dumbo Storage bed has everything drawers, cabinets, and even a trundle. A traditional platform bed can be elevated with under bed storage.

Child’s room with a wooden storage bed, open drawers, and toys on the shelf.

Our loft beds feature elaborate and customizable cabinets that allow you to walk underneath the bed and have everything you need in reach. In some cases we’ll attach a storage unit at the end of a bed to create a nook.

Colorful children’s bunk bed with storage in a blue room.

Cozy bedroom with white walls, double bed, striped blanket, and wooden accents.

Bunk bed with lower bed, open storage cabinet, and cozy design.

Wooden storage with shelves, blue and red striped carpet.


3. Built-ins

A truly customized way to add storage to your home. These can be made in any dimension to fit whichever corner or space you’d like. Build them up to the ceiling to truly get as much storage space as possible.

White built-in closet with closed doors, room with open door and light

Tall bookshelf filled with books beside a closed door.

Home office with desk, shelves, rug, cozy ambiance.

White bookshelf with cabinets, orange accents, books, and a TV.

4. Modular Storage

Armoires, bookshelves, or shorter cabinets with built in lower benches. Our modular storage looks built in but can be move from room to room whenever you need. Stack three or more together for a real built in look. These modular units can be configured as you need and can include any combo of open shelving, drawers, doors, bench or added desk.

Our bookshelves are versatile and can fit in any nook. They’re adjustable in depth to fit your home. Some as small as 12”.

Modern room with blue sofa, striped rug, shelves, and green toy plane

Modern room with white units, toys, and lit lamp.

White bookshelf with books, washing machine at bottom.


5. Under the Window

Make it a daybed and cozily read by the window or cover up an unsightly radiator. These built-in low storage cabinets look beautiful as the sun shines through.

Modern office with desk, laptop, globe, and bright window.

Bright room with white cabinets, bench seating, and a window.

Colorful kids’ room with orange bunk beds, pink cabinets, and polka dot rug