• Custom Dumbo loft bed with stairs
  • Custom dumbo loft bed with stairs
  • Loft bed and custom storage cabinets
  • Custom storage cabinets and loft bed
  • custom dresser and upper storage


Vera's Room: Tailored For Creativity and Comfort

In the heart of Brooklyn, we assisted in designing an extra special space for Vera, a room that feels bright and airy but is also packed with storage. The centerpiece of the room is a customized Twin XL Dumbo loft bed, thoughtfully designed with a staircase featuring four storage drawers and a stair rail panel to ensure her safety going up and down.

Underneath the bed, practicality meets whimsy; a cabinet seamlessly connects to the staircase, housing six dresser drawers and adjustable shelving for books and other display items. Across from this cabinet, we placed a narrow bookcase and cleverly placed support leg to maintain the room's open feel, allowing sunlight to reach underneath the loft.

Emerging from the bed's footprint, we situated a custom storage unit to echo the dimensions of the narrow bookcase cabinet, creating a harmonious symmetry. With its combination of two doors and four drawers, this piece discreetly houses all of Vera's of crafting materials, keeping her creative space neat yet inspiring.

Directly across from Vera's loft bed, the room is completed with the addition of a custom six drawer dresser that sits below a floating storage cabinet. The cabinet features four doors to help keep her room tidy, but also has a centered open cubby where she can proudly display her favorite collectible.



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