Compact wooden home office with built-in desk and cozy nooks.

Tony and Owen's Room: Sharing till College.

Growing boys, Tony and Owen, are sharing a room. Like many siblings in this situation, it’s hard to feel like the space is your own. Since the boys will share the room till they leave for college, we had to ensure each boy had a sense of privacy. The solution was two custom Dumbo Loft Bed with Stairs that were adjoined by a shared staircase.

The Dumbo Loft Bed is an all-in-one solution that saves value floor space in a room. The loft bed with stairs combines all the necessary pieces of furniture, featuring a desk, storage, and of course a sleeping space. For Tony and Owen, we created a built-in dresser with ample shelving in one end of the loft. Across sits a large desk where the boys can work without being disturbed by one another. A large cutout in front of the desk allows natural light to flow in through the bed. Tony and Owen also opted for custom rails and pulls. We removed our typical circle cut outs for a more sleek grown up look. The dresser and staircase drawers pull out by an open slot at the top.

A hanging tray acts as an elevated nightstand for the kids. The oak finish of the beds compliments their deep blue wall while adding some warmth to the room.

Compact wooden home office with built-in desk and cozy nooks.
Wooden loft bed with storage, study space, and colorful rug.

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