Three Brothers Share A Room: A bunk and a twin bed.

Our mission in this shared bedroom idea for three brothers was to fit three beds, two desks and a ton of storage opportunities while still giving each brother a feeling of individual space. We tailored each bed to best suit the ages and needs of each brother.

We’ve maintained a calm and modern color palate, as well as maximized each bed to the fullest, in terms of storage and functionality. We had a gap to fill as a result of an exiting horizontal soffit. As a result, we added a mix of open and closed storage for both the lower and upper bed for each child. The placement of the stair rail provides both safety and privacy.

To fulfill the request for two desks, we integrated our hanging desk into the footboard of the twin bed. At the footboard of the bunk, we added both hanging desk and shelf as well as a lower storage drawer.

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