Talia's Room: A space to call her own. 

Talia wanted a full size bed and since her room was so narrow, we placed it next to the window. To match Talia's rug and white walls, we juxtaposed a white finish with a deep purple that truly makes this space unique. The accented pieces can be easily replaced as the child's tastes evolve, greatly increasing its longevity.

Our hanging tray serves as a night table and Talia uses it to place a night light so that she's able to read before bed time.

This version of our floating desk was specifically designed for an older child. It is a spacious desk perfect for the modern teen who uses a computer, needs space for creativity and has numerous school obligations. Open upper shelves above allow for easy access to books and papers while keeping clutter minimal. Our magnetic panel allows Talia to display notes and pictures personalizing her space even more.

For avid reader Talia, we placed two storage cabinets in the corner to hold her growing library. We built open upper shelves above for books and toys she'd like to display while clutter is easily concealed behind closed doors below.

We wanted to maximize storage in Talia's room. So beneath her full bed, we built drawers which is equivalent to the capacity of a dresser.

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