Lily and Taylor's Room: Two Dumbo loft beds for two sisters.

In a beautiful and bright duplex loft in Dumbo, two sisters share one room and are in need of two separate environments. They only have one closet so adding more drawer storage was key for them. Each loft bed has a thoughtfully selected colored carpet for the steps that reflect each girl personal preference. The hanging trays are just the right touch for both to have their own floating night table. They both enjoy private sleeping areas, a common lounge and their own study areas.

The double dresser provides each girl with a balanced and equal amount of storage space. The distance between both study areas gives Lily and Taylor enough privacy while still being close enough to help one another with homework if needed.

There were two challenges in this space: low ceilings and an AC unit on the left wall, close to the window. To accommodate the ceiling height, we lowered both of the loft beds by a couple of inches. To tackle the AC issue, we turned the underside of Taylor's loft into a lounge area, allowing the side panel to clear the AC unit while providing ample sunlight from the window.

We thought this was a clever use of our cable shelf under the desk. It fits paperback books perfectly!


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