Modern bedroom with a bed, desk, chair, and shelves with decorative masks.

Jake’s Room: Designing for the older child.

We first worked with Jake when he was just a toddler. Now Jake is quickly heading into his teen years and wanted a style change. Jake’s first Casa Kids room featured a custom loft bed and wrap around bench filled with toy storage along the opposite corner in birch and white. This first room was designed with giving Jake as much play space as possible. Our birch finish was light and airy for his age. But this time around Jake opted for a design that felt more grown up. Using a walnut finish with white accents, we created a room for Jake that will allow him to entertain guests and focus on his studies. Because of the odd angular shape of Jake’s room, our goal was to keep as much floor space clear so the space does not feel small. This is done by positioning all of his pieces along opposite ends of the walls, leaving the center completely open.

Jake’s bed is a custom walnut and white daybed featuring a row of storage drawers and trundle bed underneath. These two rows elevate the bed slightly so Jake, who previously was sleeping in a lofted bed, doesn’t feel so low to the ground. Often times when we redesign a room for older children they prefer to sleep on “regular” beds. For some children climbing to the top of a loft bed has lost its novelty by the time they’re 13. Jake can now also have friends sleep over with his trundle bed.

In this teenage room design, the daybed with storage and trundle is opposite from a stunning corner desk with views of Battery Park City. This built-in desk has an attached storage cabinet and a wrap around bench with drawers on either side. The desk has two large pencil drawers, 3 storage drawers, and a lower shelving unit to store larger items like textbooks. This space once was Jake’s playtime oasis and now allows him to focus on school while still being able to relax on his bench like before.

Storage space is vital for the older child, and it is everywhere in his room. A large built-in armoire from his previous room is refurbished to match the walnut finish in the room, replacing the birch finish. Now a horror film buff, custom shelving at the head of Jake’s bed allow him to display his favorite collectibles. A custom radiator cover in walnut ties the space together.

Home office and bedroom with desk, computer, bed frame, and window.
Bedroom with a shelf of various skulls, masks, and gray bedding.
Modern office with striped chair and cityscape.
Desk with iMac, keyboard, mousepad, and mouse by window overlooking trees.