Modern, well-lit study room with built-in shelves, a white desk, striped rug, and large window.

Ines and Sophie's Room: a space filled out over the years.

Ines and Sophie’s room started out with a bunk bed, trundle bed, and a hanging desk. A few years later, when the girls had grown, the 9 and 7-year-olds’ parents invited Casa Kids back into their Upper West Side apartment to incorporate two desks, a custom dresser, and a custom bookcase into the design.

A Marino Bunk Bed with stairs and a trundle for guests packs storage and functionality into a surprisingly small footprint. This earlier model of the Marino features a porthole rail design A natural birch finish with white accents ensures a clean, timeless look.

The girls’ custom, 3-drawer desks mirror each other, and overhead cabinets feature adjustable shelving behind closed doors, keeping clutter out of sight. Open shelving provides space for display items, like dolls and action figures. Plexiglass desk tops provide additional furniture protection. A custom, eight-drawer dresser provides ample storage for both girls.

Once the new workspace was installed, Ines’ old hanging desk was raised and transformed into a shelf. We installed another custom shelf below it for added storage at the head of the bed.


Cozy children's room with a modern bunk bed, stuffed animals, and a striped rug.
Close-up of a wooden bedside cabinet with a small shelf and framed artwork.
Spacious child's room with a stylish bunk bed, stuffed toys, and a striped rug.
Bright child's room with modern furniture, a striped rug, and a unique window design.
Aerial view of a child's room with a bunk bed, built-in storage, and a striped rug.
Close-up of a wooden surface showing a junction of panels with a reflective finish.
Warmly lit room corner with a modern dresser, desk, and colorful accessories.