Conner and Dylan's Room: A furniture design with the future in mind.

In an Upper Manhattan apartment building, we designed a room for Conner and his baby brother to share throughout the years. To start, we chose our Marino bunk bed over crib design and added a bookshelf underneath for added storage. As Dylan grows up, the crib's mattress support will be lowered, converted into a toddler bed and eventually transformed into a standard or L-shape Marino bunk bed. The cabinet to the left of the bed also features a changing table that can be removed when Dylan gets older. When deciding on finishes, our clients chose natural birch to compliment the white walls and give the room a classic look.

To accommodate a notch in the wall, we customized the bed and stairs to fit the wall and achieved a 'built -in' look. To increase safety we added a stair rail and placed carpet tiles on each of the 5 steps. Each step is also a storage drawer for extra clothes and toys.

We placed Dylan's crib on casters so it can easily be moved and repositioned under the bed when not in use. This helps when free up some extra floor space during playtime.

To increase the storage capacity of the room, we took advantage of the high ceilings and designed an 8 foot tall armoire and storage cubby with adjustable shelves. This will help Dylan and Connor stay organized throughout the years.