Designing with children in mind means designing with safety in mind. Parents too often forget to go over safety basics before choosing furniture which can mean inconvenient backtracking and retrofitting for safety or worse: unknowingly creating a dangerous environment for your child. We’ve rounded up some key safety concerns to keep in mind when designing for children.


We can’t emphasize the importance of furniture stability enough. Everything in your child’s room should be anchored, built-in, or sturdy enough that it cannot tip. It’s also critical to ensure that anything your child might climb on—from ladders to loft beds—is properly assembled, fastened in place, and rated for the appropriate weight. Not all lofts or bunks are rated for adults or larger children, so take care before you climb up for a bedtime story. All Casa Kids beds are strong enough to hold the weight of a parent and child, so tucking your kids in is not an issue.

Closing Gaps

A small gap can mean a big problem for a little person. It’s important to make sure that any gaps in or between pieces of furniture are either too small or too large to catch your child’s hands, feet, or fingers. No one wants to get pinched.

Stowing Away Toys

We’re all for play: it’s an essential part of childhood development. But it’s just as essential to have a safe, effective way to put the toys away. Loose toys aren’t just risky for your kids, they’re risky for you. Anyone can get hurt if they slip and fall! Make sure you have enough cabinets and shelving to keep floors clear of toys. Also be mindful of what type of storage you choose. Large, lidded toy chests can pinch fingers and pose danger to small children who can be tempted to climb inside and get stuck. Open shelves and cabinets and drawers that open easily are the most effective ways to keep toys safely stored.

Mattress Support

Sleep quality is a major component of your child's long-term health and safety. Mattress support is one of the most overlooked elements of designing a child's room. A supportive mattress means better sleep and better support for your child's growing body. If choosing a bunk or loft bed, be sure that the underside is well supported. Casa Kids beds feature interlocking, nearly continuous support for mattresses.

Storage drawers and shelves allow your child to stow toys safely and nearly continuous support beneath our bunk's mattress provides a better night's sleep.


Choosing Materials

Not all materials are created equal. Some children’s products are treated with harsh chemicals. All Casa Kids furniture is made of natural materials, like Baltic wood, to ensure that your child is not needlessly exposed to chemicals or toxins.

Managing Child’s Play

Most accidents occur when kids are playing and they become too adventurous. Sometimes the most important thing to remember is that your child is going to run, jump, climb, and play. Choose furniture with rounded corners, so if your child does run into it, she won’t get cut. Cover outlets and make sure cords and window treatments do not hang down so that when your child explores, they won’t endanger themselves. And understand that where you see a bedroom your kids see a playground: not only does furniture need to be sturdy and stable enough for them to play, you too need to be firm enough to set ground rules. While playtime is always encouraged, it's important that they know standing or jumping on lofted or upper bunk beds is not allowed, as it could result in serious injury. Upper beds are for sleeping and reading only and are not safe for children under 6

All our furniture is built with kids in mind and custom-designed to meet their needs, encourage play, and keep them safe.

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