casa kidsIn 1992 our mission was simple; functionality and durability above all. Today that mission remains the same and these are the top factors we consider in our design process. For a product to be functional and durable we often ask ourselves whether this is something parents would feel comfortable having their children surrounded by for years to come. Our commitment to the children we serve means we are committed to the planet they live on.

Strong and Durable Children’s furniture

casa kids cabinetOur baltic birch plywood is undefeated in the construction of children’s furniture. Not only is it strong and durable but it’s also environmentally friendly. Plywood, an engineered wood, is created by layering thin pieces of hardwood together to create a sheet. This process is similar to sharpening a pencil, the tree log is shaved down and layered. The creation of plywood, which uses the whole log, allows for less waste of the material in comparison to solid wood. Besides the minimal waste plywood provides, our wood is also FSC and CARB certified. FSC, Forest Steward Council, assures that our wood legally harvested from managed forests where once trees are cut down, another is planted in its place. FSC certified plantations must contribute to helping restore and conserve our natural forests. A CARB, California Air Resources Board, certification ensures that our wood has zero formaldehyde in it. Formaldehyde can be emitted into the air we breathe, causing health related issues. We believe in keeping our air clean for our children.

casa kids loft bed

Working Local

MADE_IN_BROOKLYN_IMG_0320-2.jpgIn keeping our footprint small, we largely work with families in the NYC area. After consulting with families in our Red Hook shop, or their homes, we get to work. Manufactured entirely in Brooklyn by our dedicated team of woodworkers, that same team then delivers and installs in their homes. This close process not only allows us to handle shipping entirely in NYC but our customers can feel confident they know the hands who are creating their furniture with care.



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