Watch Our Video On YouTube.

Late last year, Google contacted us hoping that Casa Kids would be willing to be the subject of a promotional video touting the effectiveness of Google AdWords, which we have used to grow our business with great success. 

Google was looking for a company like Casa Kids. We're a small, successful business that adheres to a pretty simple business model: we make sturdy, quality products, we genuinely care about our customers and we do everything we can to ensure that our materials, facilities, and products have a positive impact on the environment we all share.

We, of course, were thrilled to participate and soon a team of delightful Californians toting cameras, lights and sound equipment were upon us. We spent four days together in January, exploring our woodshop, our neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn, our customers' homes and, naturally, how Google's small business tools have transformed how we reach our customers.

Google's YouTube Business Channel released the video early in June. Check out some of the photos below from behind the scenes.


  • Film crew by the sea with camera and boom mic.
  • Man with glasses using tablet, coffee cup, ruler on table.
  • Three individuals stand outside a brick structure.
  • Person at table with newspaper, coffee, and tablet.
  • People working in a woodshop with various tools and lumber
  • Man showing furniture to two kids in a workshop with designs and photos on the background wall.