Early Childhood Playroom


With the holiday season in full swing, families are gathering together in celebration. At the Chelsea Shul, we created a playroom perfect for all their events and education program. Meant for collaborative play!


The Process:




It all starts with a sketch! When are first contacted to begin a project, we take all of the clients' inspirations and sketch an idea that may work for them. For this playroom, we landed on this two-level structure with cutouts, hideaways, and plenty of storage. The idea was to create a vessel where children at the synagogue could play in new imaginative ways each day.



We visited the synagogue to take measurements of the room. While the room is expansive, we quickly encountered a problem that needed solving. Center in the space two large columns divide the space. Back in our office, we got to work. After renderings were approved we constructed the playroom right in our showroom. It’s so tall it nearly reached our ceilings! Finally, our team assembled at the synagogue, installation for a project this large can take several days.



To solve the column issue we enclosed them within our playroom structure!

Revisiting the Playroom with Roberto!



Our team revisited the playroom to see it in action. Check out the room tour here.


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