When a client hires us to design custom furniture for their home, we take the responsibility very seriously. From selecting the materials we work with to installing our furniture, we pay attention the even the tiniest details so that our clients are always satisfied by our work.Vintage typewriter on wooden desk near bed.Built-in trash bin with blue bag in wooden cabinetClose-up of a modern wooden shelf with unique design details.

When a client requests a home consultation, one of our designers will go to their home to measure the room and discuss design ideas before providing them with sketches of what the room would look like with the new furniture. We also provide our clients with rendered proposals that show the front and top view of where the furniture will be placed, along with the appropriate measurements.

After the design is selected, we work with our clients throughout the design and fabrication process and make changes as requested. When fabricating the furniture, a CNC Router is used to ensure we obtain the most accurate cuts possible. The edge are then sanded, rounded and coated with a non-toxic, water based finish. We always leave the edges of the furniture exposed, as the lines that show have a natural appeal.

When a client requests a home consultationColorful books, globe, and storage cabinets on wooden bookshelf.Once the furniture is fabricated and constructed, we inspect the pieces thoroughly before scheduling a convenient delivery date with our clients. The end result is beautifully constructed furniture that can be enjoyed for many years.