Orange bedroom, bunk bed, desk, laptop, colorful rug.

Ziggy and Wolff: Thinking of Our Environment.

While in quarantine our team had to halt all of our in person services. This included home consultations, showroom visits, and our typical photo sessions once a custom room is installed. Thankfully, our team could still conduct remote consultations for families. During that time, we created a bed for Ziggy and Wolff but before shipping it out to its new home, we envisioned what their room could be.

Carving out a space in our showroom, we staged a safari inspired room with Ziggy and Wolff's bed. The prominent feature of this striking room is their bed, miniBUNK: Graffiti. The miniBUNK is one of our latest bunk bed releases. Created in collaboration with artist Katie Merz, the bed features her artwork engraved into the top rail of the bed. The bed sits directly on the ground and is only 54" tall. Climbing in and out is a breeze, as is changing the sheets for parents.

We then painted the walls a bright red, balanced the the adjacent neutral gray wall. These colors helped our walnut and white furniture really pop, adding the beloved mid century feel. To complete the room, we added a custom walnut and white dresser with leather pulls and a Connect Me desk with chair. 

Modern room with bunk bed, dresser, rug, wall plates.
Tribal masks, doodle art, “MAKE WINDS” on orange wall.
Modern bunk bed with desk, laptop, and wall art.