Room with desk, chair, and balcony view through open doors.

The Offices: A space for both parents and kids.

When redesigning children’s bedrooms at Casa Kids we know just what furniture they need to get the most functionality that’ll last them well through college. First, and most obviously, a comfortable bed for restful sleep, then storage and lastly a separate workspace so that sleep and work can both be prioritized. Workspaces often consists of a desk, shelving or other storage options. These essential modular office workspace furniture pieces are common features in home offices for parents, allowing them to decompress and have a healthy work/life balance.  So why not the same for their children? In this NYC apartment we tackled two offices. A distinct space for the adults to work and other for the kids.
Our main goal in these rooms was to create spaces that were multi-purpose for the parent and child as well as distinctly separate from their bedrooms. We started off by redesigning the spare room into a workspace/creative zone for the kids. We then moved onto the room next door, a somewhat bare room that was already designated as the parent’s office and expanding it so the room would also function as a guest space.
In the children’s home office we needed to accommodate workspace for three kids so we created a custom floating desk. Each child has their own desk space that features a pencil drawer, bottom shelving for modems or other wire management, and a open shelving unit above with plenty of rows to display books and prized possessions. The seamless desktop unifies these three desks creating one cohesive floating desk. When not working the kids can relax on a custom bench that upholstered with grey cushions to match the light and airy feel of the room. This bench is perfect for reading after school or hanging out with friends. Three large storage drawers underneath complete the bench to make it multi-functional. Each piece was created in a birch finish with white accents, this color choice is modern and works well for children or adults. They’ll never outgrow their workspace.
In the parent’s office we were greeted by a lone walnut desk. As the main piece of office furniture in the room it had to be both storage and a kid's workspace. Our solution to this problem was to add a Tuck Murphy Bed in a matching walnut. This full size tuck bed is perfect for visiting guesting like grandparents or other friends. When closed the tuck bed cabinet has a luscious walnut grain and a modern silver handle to pull out the bed. Attached to the Tuck is a upholstered daybed perfect for lounging when no guests are over or when a break is needed from working. The daybed features three storage drawers underneath to hide away any extra covers or pillows. Custom cabinetry was also added above and to the left of the bed. With a mixture of drawers, shelving, and doors the storage of this room is more than doubled.
Modern room with world map, desk, and window view.
Modern room with a world map wall decor, sofa bed, and window view.
Close-up of a modern sofa with built-in white drawers.
A study room with a white table, two black chairs, and shelves full of books.
Bright room with map wall, bookshelves, desk, chairs, and window view.
Modern office with desk, computer, sofa, and window view.
Modern room with a cabinet bed, large window, and an office chair.